How my LIFE Changed, Thanks to E-bikes

We all had a friend in our group who was as fat as Hagrid from the Harry Potter movie. In my story, that person was me. I was blubber with lots of fats, lying around my waist, my cheeks and just like dropping down my arms.

I was a shame on myself. My friends were my companions only because I took my fatty stomach and bulky face as a joke to all. I was available for all to make fun of. I used to laugh on my physique and took it positively but many a time, it was a load on me.

The fat of mine made me not only heavy but also weak and slow for my normal walks. I was slower than all my other friends. Although I laughed aloud in public, I cried harder alone. I was broken from inside. Not only my friends but then my family also has started mocking at me. I was myself no more. I needed a change.

The thing that came in my life as a ray of sunshine was the idea of aerobics and athletics but I was as useless as my big fat stomach. There was a time when fat started accumulating over my chest. It then started looking much like breasts. I was feeling guilty about being called a man.

I started considering myself a total loser and being a failure, I gave up all the hopes. I thought of giving my last try and putting the most of the input I can. So, I stopped taking the metro and cabs as my means of transport and switched to an E-bike. I stopped eating junk food and switched to salads. I gave up watching late night and started reading books. I changed my life and transformed it.

I was hoping a good change in my physique but it turned out to be an extremely powerful move I ever made. While looking in the mirror, I saw the newer myself. I was not this happy ever. I got to know the reasons behind shedding my weight and burning my fats.

Due to the salads, I was consuming the essential minerals which a body requires to function properly, which is hard to find in the steamed, roasted and fried food items. Skipping the late-night television shows helped my eyes getting rest. Also, the after-dinner reading, not only increased my learning but also helped me getting proper sleep as I used to start yawning after reading a few pages.

And the final change. The E-bike. This was the hardest one but it helped me get in shape. It was hard to finalize the exercise I was to perform as it was required to burn excess of fats. I came down to the E-bike as my only means of transport and continued to go to work using it. Most of the days, I felt tired of using it and tried to skip it but couldn’t resist the resolution that I took to shed all of the extra pounds of flesh from my body.

I was sure of some positive results but never did I ever knew the importance of such things in our life. I was finally transformed into a man without breasts. E-bike was the most helpful tool that helped me throughout my journey in the means of transport as well as fitness. I was not a bicycle-type of person but now I recommend it to everyone around me.

Little did I know that it would impose a greater impact on my health and real-life too. I was impressed by its features and the benefit of using the E-bike. The E-bike had the feature of charging with each pedal I thrust. It got a battery installed in it. That battery was a lifesaver when I was to cycle up the hill.

All these years I have gone through; my E-bike has been the most reliable source of transport for me. I was never this much confident, relying on my fitness and my stamina increased too.

But then came a time when I thought of leaving this life of fitness for a few days and enjoying life to the fullest. I skipped using my E-bike and re-took the metro for my transportation means. I started wasting on the fried meals and binge-watching some great online series. I felt that this life of complete comfort was no more exciting to me. I was feeling empty and bored from within.

The next day, I switched back to my initial routine of fitness and was blessed by the benefits of the methods I chose. Although E-bike had been an expensive deal for me I was impressed by its benefits. The E-bike came with a One-year warranty which was a good deal thanks to 9bikes for helping to get such deals.

Although I never had any issue with the bike, I once faced some battery issues when it was not charging. The service provided by the service centre was worth appreciating. They not only fixed the issue but also served me some good magazines to read and a coffee with some snacks. This kind of service not only brings good omen but also attracts well wishes for the company.

There was a time when I once lost track of my E-bike. I, kind of, lost it. But thanks to the GPS systems, pre-installed in the E-bikes. That feature was the best in the means of security as well as navigation for the rider. I was so blessed after getting such a good means of transport and obviously without any air pollution.

In the conclusion, I would only say that this was the best investment that I ever made throughout my life that not only helped me in my wellness, maintaining my health and also reducing a fraction of pollution, hence making the Earth a little bit pure. I would recommend our readers to invest in such a technology and make this Earth, available for the future generation to come.