Walking Plan for Weight Loss

Walking is always considered as a best exercise to keep yourself healthy and fit. If we see other exercises and walking comparatively walking is better as it is budget friendly and all you need to start it just to have a clear determination and a goal. However, a pair of snickers is also needed. If you start walking regularly and makes it a habit then you would feel that you have less mood swings, you always look happy. The researchers also found that a regular walk plan can also reduce the risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes as well can be a lot more helpful in arthritis. And for all these benefits you just need a clear determination to walk daily even not running.

While walking is not seen as a form of exercise by many people around us but it has most of the same benefits as that of doing aerobics and strength development exercises like plunge, lunges etc.
If you are going to gym everyday but due to some reason you have to skip it then walking is the best option to keep yourself fit and healthy. While going to gym is a good workout for developing muscles and strength but skipping it has some side effects too.

Let’s get started with the walking plans.


You should start with a goal of increasing pace of your walking each week. Make sure that each walk at least burns 200-300 calories per day. You can easily achieve this by adding pace to your walking or start walking with some weight


Stretching is one of the most important pre exercise thing to be done. Stretching make your muscles prepared for the exercise you are going to start. This also increases the blood flow to your muscles. Some the stretching such as pulling of legs to your chest, swinging of legs laterally can be of great use.

Increase in Pace

Increasing the walking pace slowly increases your intensity of walking. Always start with a 5 minutes warm up session and give 10 minutes to each rep. Divide each rep into 3 sections.

1) Walk with a steady pace for 4 minutes. You will just be walking but your breathing pace will increase in this period.
2) Now be a little slow and hold your breath. This will also be of 4 minutes’ duration. In this period your breathing will be in control and you would be able to talk.
3) Do this for 2 minutes only. You have to walk with your whole strength and as fast as possible.
Strength Training

You can also include some strength training exercises into your daily routine. Some of the body movements like squat, plank, lunges, push ups can be used to build up your body strength for day to day activities.
Some Tips to get started

It’s not really matters that for how much duration you start with. But try to keep increasing the duration. It is nearly impossible to start with a 30 minutes walking on the very first day. So do not feel bad if you get tired quickly. The only thing that can make you get going is your determinatio…

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