6 signs that you are a fit girl.

Being physically fit is everyone’s wish. Who does not want to live happily and stress free. To achieve these things one should have a fit body. And getting a fit body is not a piece of cake. Whether you are doing first time or you are doing it for longer time, it is not an easy process and you know that. When you are going to gym to be physically fit, you know that there are days when you does not want to go and this is your test of you commitment. Be mentally prepare when you want a fit body. So, try to acquire these things to be a fit girl and implementing these things in life will make you conquerer.

1. Eating protiens throughout the day.

Eating protiens will help you gain muscles. This does not mean that you have to workout with more intensity. So, eating protiens is good when you workout and when you are doing nothing and eating protiens to gain muscles will not help you at all. A protiens helps to build buscles and it also controls your appetite. When you eat protiens a message so sent to the brain that the stomach is full now.

Go for the protiens shake sin the morning as it will keep you going throughout the day. Later on the day you can go for the almonds, egg whites or any protiens containing food. Just make sure that you are taking enough protiens in your diet.

2. What meal you should prepare.

Prepare a simple and whole grains filled meal so that you can store them and then use it throughout the week. You can prep a few things like sweet potatoes, a tuna salad, and some kind of grain like couscous or quinoa or a veggie pasta and then use it throughout the week. This is due the time taken by grains to cook is very long so prepare it early so that you can add them up on your salad or on veggies according to your choices.

*LATEST TIP – buy some Nori roll papers if you can and add a bit of quinoa and avocado to it, then roll it up and enjoy with some soy sauce! Allows you to get healthy fats + protein + minerals!

3. Drinking water throughout your day.

Drinking enough water is very important for everybody. As all the metabolism in our body are carried out with the help of water it becomes necessary to drink water. If you feel like it is hard to achieve this than you can give yourself challenges. Like, you can take bottle of water with you and give yourself a time limit to finish this bottle up.

It is helpful as being hydrated will help you with digestion, energy, BLOAT. It also makes your skin hydrated which gives then their real glow and will make you look glowing throughout the day.

4. Keep healthy snacks handy.

Try to keep a healthy snacks around you so that when you are late in work or got stuck in traffic jams then you can eat them just to relax your stomach before you can prepare a healthy meal for yourself. You can have almonds as they are easy to carry and store. You can also have protiens bars in your bag or whatever you carry while going office. You can also make cookies or anything which is ready to eat but healthy also.

5. Always take out time to workout.

Doing workout is very important and do it as a daily manner. You can do it anytime. You can do it in the morning just before the sunrise or you can do it after your working hours after taking some rest ofcourse. You can join gym or can do 30 to 50 min exercise daily inside your home.

6. Get proper sleep.

Sleeping is the best way to relax your body as well as your mind. Try to tale a nap rather than spending time with TV and mobile phones. This will make you feel relax which is necessary to be happy throughout your day after the intensive work.